Irit Rotrubin

 Artistic photography


Photographer, specializing in artistic photography.

Lives and works in Tel Aviv Israel. Specialization: Photography of flowers, nature and portraits. Artists' works and exhibitions.


The connection to photography began in high school. An independent photographer who displays her works in group exhibitions in galleries throughout Israel and abroad.


 In her works, the artist deals with the connection between the camera and the colors in the artist's work. He often works with techniques of light and shadow.

Light is inner happiness - apart from giving depth to images, the shadows themselves can be a subject for a picture.


 There is something mysterious about dark shapes. The observer becomes curious about the nature of the character casting the shadow, and the shadow can also be used to fill an empty space in the picture frame. Combining an object with its shadow gives depth and interest to the picture.


Deals with issues of personal existential situations, conflicts and connections in the human psyche and reality as a whole. Related to femininity, parity, maturity and even old age.

I use the camera as a tool in a reflected reality. Photography is for me a painting.

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